Who Loves Us?

New Bamboo Tanks, Soft Scarves and Shimmery Glamor

I’ve often said my Rotem Limited Edition line will take you from yoga to shopping to party, and now I have something brand new for all you yoga aficionados! Brand new in the shop and making their IRL debut at this weekend’s Manhattan Beach Hometown Fair (Oct 5-6), are bamboo blend ribbed tanks with […]

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time, there lived a designer in a village nestled between the Great Ocean and the magical city of Tinsel. The designer loved to create magical garments to warm and delight people from near and far who were lucky enough to buy one of these rare items. One special day, the designer […]

Sale! Limited Edition Scarves and Tops

My new video showcases the fabrics, the colors, the art behind my Agapanthus scarves, tops and cardigans in the Rotem Gear Limited Edition shop hosted at Zibbet.  Coming soon — Roses!  Rotem Gear Limited Edition items are exclusive, short-run (meaning many few are produced at one time) apparel, and many are one of a […]

Lovely Heather Burn-Out Fabric is Here

The soft, luscious heather burn-out fabric I use for limited edition scarves has arrived. Well, most of it. The shipment was missing my favorite — the blue that reminds me of the semi-precious stone known as larimar. These will arrive soon but in the meantime there will be heathers in lavender, fern, stone and […]