Who Loves Us?

Thanksgivikkuh. There, I said It.

Special occasions inspire special “observances” and one of these is a fabulous “21 Days of Thanksgivikkuh” give-away. […]

Holiday Round-Up

As it’s the eighth day of Chanukah and Christmas is behind us, I’d best be posting my holiday update. From November to mid-December I was finishing up non-stop multiple client graphic design deadlines. Somehow, I managed to sail through the several holiday boutique events to which I’d committed. For the first time, I participated […]

A Frytful Mess

A wonderful photo from last year, courtesy of “Ima on the Bima”  Rabbi Phyllis Somer. She and her boss-rabbi were frying latkes for their shul’s Chanukah celebration wearing Rotem Gear aprons! I guess we know who did most of the work!

Giveaway for a Chanuka Haiku

Readers may remember last year’s first Rotem Gear “Got Latkes?” t-shirt giveaway and it’s time for another one!  This time, however, rather than limericks, I’m asking for haiku that captures the Chanuka spirit (whatever that is for you.) It can be lyrical or humorous (humorous is technically often a senryu but I won’t bore […]

Laktes Tee Giveaway Winners

There once was a gal in L.A. Who thought up a fun give-away She put out an alert “A rhyme for a shirt!” And had fun reading lim’ricks all day. With that, it’s time to announce the winners of the Rotem Gear Got Latkes T-shirt Giveaway!  Thank you to all who submitted your clever […]

Free Latkes Tee Give-Away

It’s time for a good old holiday give-away! I’m giving away 3 “Got Latkes” t-shirts to 3 lucky and deserving souls. (Well, everyone’s deserving but some are luckier than others.)

The shirts are soft vintage navy from Southern California-based Article1 and you can opt to have yours […]