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The full disclosure about Full Disclothesure. And who's behind it. blog-photo Why write the typical old dry thing when you can read that here and here?  So instead I decided to give you the "25 Things About Me Since A Few of My Friends Asked" that I did for Facebook some time back. 1. My first name is actually Rebecca but I've always been called my less interesting middle name. 2. Rotem Gear got it's name form the Hebraicized version of my last name which I considered changing to while living in Israel. It's the name of an evergreen desert shrub with a tiny fragrant flowers in the early spring and as a modern Hebrew name it symbolizes grace and survival under challenging conditions.

>> The Retama Raetam plant*:

retama_raetam1 retama_raetam2 3. I climbed part way up Mt. Fuji without knowing it was still not "in season" and nearly got stuck-- for good -- in a snowstorm wearing sneakers and a sweatshirt. Japanese language student FAIL. 4. I've been to 2 Worlds Fairs; one of them twice in one day. 5. I've seen and felt SCUD missiles. 6. After undergrad college I worked in a Japanese bookstore in Manhattan where I waited on Mick Jagger, got yelled at by Yoko Ono on the phone, and once crashed into John Lennon -- I was exiting the bathroom and he was going in and we both said "Oof! excuse me!" I've never managed to write a parody song based on "She Came in Through the Bathroom Window" about this experience. 7. I have an M.A. in Japanese Language and Literature. 8. I would rather snack on cheese than chocolate, almost any time. 9. I've been to 9 Asian countries (including Turkey and Israel) but not one European country. 10. Despite being a geek, I regret seeing the analog world vanishing entirely, and am thinking about picking up my old 35 mm camera again. 11. In New Jersey there is a small street named after my grandfather, who used to have a farm on that land. 12. I remembering seeing the shadows of small angels in the corners of my ceiling at night when I was a child. 13. In nursery school I often played with the ants in the yard. 14. Snakes and other reptiles do not creep me out but ticks horrify me. 15. I watch a lot of crime-themed tv shows and I despise all "reality" shows with the sometimes exception of Home Makeover where some good is done, the women aren't all bimbos and there are cool design solutions. 16. However, for movies I am drawn to themes that are an escape, improbable or portray areas where fantasy or dream meets real life, ie, Kwaidan, Harvey, Back to the Future, Monsoon Wedding, Jurassic Park, 5000 Fingers of Dr T, Spirited Away ... 17. I am a vegetarian so when I am sick, no chicken soup for me -- instead, Asian-style rice porridge is the ultimate comfort food. 18. I am terribly astigmatic. 19. When I was 8 my dad brought home a Chinese newspaper and I thought to myself "one day I'll be able to read those letters." 20. I have handled thousands of dollars worth of diamonds at a time while working at a diamond bourse. 21. I love the color blue in any shade, especially the Mediterranean combo of deep blue with turquoise. 22. My high school art teacher advised me to pursue art but I was much lazier back in the non-digital age when there was no "undo" button. And i didn't have the requisite passion. So I didn't. Now I'm a graphic designer. The irony. 😛 23. I practiced Aikido for a number of years, to brown belt level. 24. I have two passports, US and Israel. 25. I cannot imagine life without an animal. The cat made me write that.

* * *

* Rotem tree photos by Jackie Chambers, University of British Columbia Botanical Garden and Centre for Plant Research)