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The Trouble with Truffles

We had a long winter and it seems, nearly no spring and now summer is upon us... at least here in L.A. Anyhoo, that means doing something about winter-dry skin. My current weapon has long been coconut oil (I eat it, drink it in smoothies, slather it on and even brush teeth with it sometimes) but this year it's also been my bar of Soapybliss Truffle Butter. The trouble with truffles (like my little Trekkie reference there?) -- the Truffle Butter is so emollient I recommend you have a shower mat in your tub! My skin feels and smells wonderful after. The only bad thing is that I don't have any left. The photo shows Vanilla & Honey (the one I have) but there are others that sound just as divine. Lemon Honeysuckle? Peach Coconut? Didn't I just say how much I love coconut? Swoon. I received this as a gift but NOT in exchange for any kind of plug so you can take it on my own recognizance without strings attached. I just want to give props to the lovely lady who was generous enough to share it with me.  So. Much. Yum.
Vanilla & Honey Truffle Buffer

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