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The Power of Words

Words matter. My entry into graphic design actually followed a career in marketing and public relations writing, so I can’t turn off the “words matter” credo. The two — graphic design and copy writing — work together. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve emailed back to publishers with suggestions for ad copy changes even though I am technically not responsible for that part of the ad. Happily, they consider that a good thing!

But back to “words matter.” Tonight I made a salad for dinner with a 5 ounce bag of greens I got from Trader Joe’s for 2.49. I am usually a savvy shopper, trying to get the most for less, but this time I wasn’t.


I could have gotten a slightly bigger bag of organic aruglua, 7 oz. for around the same price. I love arugula.

I could have gotten 6 ounces of organic baby spinach for 1.99, or 12 ounces of non-organic for 1.99.

I could have gotten the Organic Spring Mix — easily twice the size of the bag I bought, for 1.99.  Or the Tuscan kale for 2.29.  And so forth.

Yes, one of those is not organic, and another (the kale) is not something i enjoy uncooked. But that isn’t my point. My point is that I bought the one I had for dinner tonight mainly for one reason:

The label proclaims it “Power (to the) Greens.”  It is the second largest typeface on the bag. It is white, so it pops a bit more than “Greens.” “To the” is smaller and thin so what really stands out is “Power Greens,” but mostly, for me at least, “Power.” And that’s why I bought it. This is smart marketing.

Trader Joes, you had me at “Power.”



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