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Connecting at Lunch 2.0

Our friend designer JGoode blogged today about connections, and it reminded us that we neglected to post about a recent networking adventure we had.

It’s called Lunch 2.0. It’s a real-life version of virtual social networking, a geek gathering-happening According to this article in the Wall Street Journal, Lunch 2.0 started in Silicon Valley (where else?) when a fired Google employee snuck into the Google cafeteria to score a free lunch and to meet friends. Soon people started sneaking into the cafeterias of other companies for free lunch, geek mind-meld and the novelty of having got in. They posted the lunch schedule on a blog, and things started snowballing.

Lunch 2.0, often compared to a progressive cocktail party, is now a somewhat more organized event in that companies are now involved voluntarily — they provide the free lunch and use the opportunity to recruit some of the brightest brains in hi-tech who are there to connect with others in an open, informal venue. Lunch 2.0 events have been held at Adobe, Hitachi, MicroSoft, Yahoo, AOL, Zazzle and others.

So the first ever Lunch 2.0 Los Angeles area event took place at the Santa Monica headquarters of social shopping website ThisNext (where, incidentally, you’ll see some swell Rotem Gear shirts.) We were there, with friends we’ve made online. And this, this is where the connections come in. The event was about connections and is named for the interactive, inter-connected web protocols that characterize the web these days. The business of most of the people there was internet-based –thats all connections. ThisNext is about connecting people with unique products.

And our friends — artist MaryO and graphic designer-gamester EileenD (both below) — we met them online a few years ago in a discussion group. Ultimately it’s the human connections that are the most important.


Below, left: Andrew Warner of Lunch 2.0 and Gordon Gould of ThisNext greet visitors Photos taken with a Palm Treo 775p.


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