Who Loves Us?

High on Haiku

We’re keeping today’s post short and sweet. And what is shorter and sweeter than haiku? The haiku is by the famed poet Issa: The dragonfly! … Distant mountains reflected in his eyes.” [tags]tank, tank top,spring fashion, japanese, japan, haiku, dragonfly, dragonflies,calligraphy, rotem gear [/tags]

Recycling T-Shirts

We are about t-shirts here, as well as other things, and since it’s Earth Day and one of the hot topics is recycling, why not talk t-shirt recycling? Today’s as good a time as any to pass on some cool links courtesy of Crafty Chica Kathy Cano Murillo, who wrote about this transformation craft […]

Earth Day Fuel School

A few months ago I was walking around Venice and came across some people painting a a ratty old bus. I stopped to talk with them a bit and they told me they were part of an LA-based initiative to spread the word about vegetable-based diesel fuel. I had not known before then that […]

Zen and the Art of Rabbits

This itty-bitty detail of the Bunny Mandala, a work of international artists created in France, does not do justice to the scope of the whole mandala. According to the site, The Essence of Rabbit: No other living creature features as heavily in contemporary character design and art as the humble hare. But what exactly […]

Gallumphing Down the Bunny Trail

There’s hot news from England just right for this time of year: Monster Rabbit Stalks U.K. Village (But No Signs of Wallace or Gromit) The mega-muncher has been described as “the size of a dog,” “as big as a three-year-old,” “a monster!!” and “a brute of a thing, absolutely massive.” The vegetarian interloper may […]

Not Very Eastery for a Bunny

But sooo cool. Nabaztag is a desktop companion that utilises WiFi technology to fetch information from the Internet and convey it in various charming ways. You’ll soon be relying on this cute little critter to tell you the time, wake you up, read the news, read you messages from friends, check the stock market […]

Cool Passover Animation & Film

In the interests of time (since I know so many of you are busy running around the house with feathers in your hand and yelling “Kappara, where did you hide the haggadas last year?!”), I will simply post these links for your Pesadik enjoyment: 1. The amazing 50 Cent parody of the 10 plagues! […]

Earth Day Cometh

Earth Day is April 22, and we’ll be sharing some favorite environmental finds. For those blatant types, smacking a bumper sticker on your hybrid (or erstwhile other) verhicle does the trick to inform the world of your certifiable status where the environment is concerned. For others an only slightly more demure expression works well […]

Pyrite or April Fools Gold?

We’ve been finding, erm, “unearthing” some more silly tees… They’re sometimes silly over at UnEarthedTees and since it’s April Fools Day that makes it just right to one of their silly shirts. It’s in the form of a handy diagram to help rock hounds learn the difference between pyrite and fools gold 😉 It’s […]

April Fools Day, Fool Included

You know we’re in trouble when Aprils Fools Day suddenly seems like a national holiday… American Fool is brought to you by Doing My Part for The Left.