Who Loves Us?

Laundry Haiku

Ok it’s really senryu and not haiku, if we’re being picky. Yin/yang, dark/light — all Balance out, so why must I Separate my wash?

So Wasabi With You?

It’s November and with Thanksgiving coming in a few weeks our thoughts turn to food, even more than usual! So here’s another foody design, one with a touch of “kawaii”* that imagines a sushi bar conversation — between a norimaki and the wasabi.

And you know, I just had […]

Kappa Kappa Maki Revealed!

Ah, the good old days.

Bunny, Buffy and Sheila were typical college girls–– going for hayrides, cheering their school on at football games, and getting back to the dorm by curfew to make hot chocolate and rinse out their stockings.

So when […]

A Gei Old Time

A little while ago I was tickled to see some Rotem Gear tops featured in a fashion blog from Spain.  When I popped over there in order to add them my blog list and looked around, I found that MundoChica is much more than a shopping blog; it’s plump with some fun looks at […]