Who Loves Us?

The Trouble with Truffles

We had a long winter and it seems, nearly no spring and now summer is upon us… at least here in L.A. Anyhoo, that means doing something about winter-dry skin. My current weapon has long been coconut oil (I eat it, drink it in smoothies, slather it on and even brush teeth with it […]

New Bamboo Tanks, Soft Scarves and Shimmery Glamor

I’ve often said my Rotem Limited Edition line will take you from yoga to shopping to party, and now I have something brand new for all you yoga aficionados! Brand new in the shop and making their IRL debut at this weekend’s Manhattan Beach Hometown Fair (Oct 5-6), are bamboo blend ribbed tanks with […]

What Does 2013 Look Like to You?

So that Mayan fun is behind us and 2013 is a few hours away and I’ve been spending the past couple of relatively quiet weeks working on a plan for the coming year. Business plans… bleh!! A tough nut for any business, a special challenge for an independent business, and a nightmare for the creative-minded. I’ve always […]

An Attitude for Latitude

Do you see this necklace being modeled by actress Alicia Lagano*? It’s hard to see there, so  here, take a closer look. This cool piece was on display at the GBK Productions 2012 MTV Movie Awards Celebrity Gift Lounge, as part of The Artisan Group’s exhibit. And now it’s mine. Mine! *Cue Cruella De […]

Social: Not a Dance Anymore

Last week, I was quoted in this article in the American Express OPEN Forum, where I tell how and why I started my business, and about the importance of social media for baby boomers starting their “second acts” of independent business As a matter of fact, thanks in part to social networking, my business card […]

The Month of Living Famously

Forgive my title’s riff off a favorite film of mine (still is, Mel notwithstanding) but what a month May has been for buzz and activity at Rotem HQ. Last month, I was invited to participate in a gift bag for Sarah Jessica Parker via The Artisan Group, and sent a teal scarf with the […]

We Got a Feature and You Get Coupons

April is Zibbet month over at About.com’s DIY Fashion column by Rain Blanken, and that means a spotlight on many wonderful shops hosted at the handmade heaven known as Zibbet.com, along with some nifty exclusive coupons.  The Rotem Gear Limited Edition Zibbet shop is among them, with a nice little write-up, and to celebrate, […]

Kind Hearts and Coronets

Each year someone discovers my Valentine Shmalentine tees and adds them to a Valentines Day gift guide, or features them in some other way. Yesterday it was Simo Media’s Craftsyble site, where the ironically romantic looking anti-Valentines Day tee was featured among some lovely handcrafted pro-Valentines Day gifts from bath items to jewelry (classic, […]

Gushing Over This Beer

It isn’t every day one gets to go to a luxury hotel where the concierge is expecting you to pick up hand-crafted beer that has been personally delivered from half-way around the world, but I have that kind of glam life. OK, maybe not so much, but lucky, lucky me, I got to taste […]

Bungle in the Jungle and Maybe Win Some Animal Tees!

Tees in  Pod have created a dictionary, if you will, of animal design t-shirts from A-Z, and two of my designs are featured! Two! Let me first say I’m enjoying all the designs (I especially like Detour’s Easter Island rabbits, Saga’s Sun Horse Moon Horse and Lady Umbrella’s owl); the Tees-in-a-Pod folks did a […]