Who Loves Us?

On the way to Parenthood TV

Rotem Gear has been invited to send this baby tee to the stylist of Parenthood, for consideration on the show, and we’re so excited! We’re keeping our fingers and toes crossed that they will think it’s just perfect, and that maybe you will see our iconic Kitty X-bones design on this season’s newest Parenthood […]

Stephanie Drapeau Looking Fab in Rotem LE Tee

Actress Stephanie Drapeau (Castle, Medium) tweeted this photo of herself wearing a deep green heather Rotem LE agapanthus tee!

Lights, Camera, Agapanthus!

There’s our Agapanthus Flutter Top on camera! The beautiful and talented Tara Darough Rex of Taradara has been working with Sew It All/Sew News on a DVD sewing series. She also had a tutorial featured in the Sew it All magazine and participated in the PBS hosted Sew It All TV series last year. I’m so honored that for […]

We’re Over Here, in the Happy Corner

A quick media round-up!  I’m waving from the Happy Corner, where, just in time for upcoming holidays, there’s a lovely feature about Rotem Limited Edition and our sister shop. Check out the 1 Happy Corner Gift Blog! And there’s more “happy” where media is concerned! My press release about the recent Emmy Awards got […]

Social: Not a Dance Anymore

Last week, I was quoted in this article in the American Express OPEN Forum, where I tell how and why I started my business, and about the importance of social media for baby boomers starting their “second acts” of independent business As a matter of fact, thanks in part to social networking, my business card […]

A Rotem Limited Edition Scarf for Sarah Jessica Parker

Photo credit: David Shankbone

“Dolce, Dolce, Dolce!” her best known character once exclaimed. And sweet (“dolce”) it is!  OK, so maybe Carrie Bradshaw meant something else but I think it’s pretty sweet that  Sarah Jessica Parker will soon be receiving one of my Agapanthus scarves. Presented with the opportunity to send the renowned […]

I’m the Martha Stewart Doer of the Week!

This week I had the honor of being selected the Doer of the Week at Martha Stewart’s “Dreamers into Doers” website.  I talked about how and where I work, and how I got here, and what inspires my design approach. Above is only a snippet — but you can read the whole thing here. […]

Small Business Saturday 11/27 – Supporting Entreprenuers When Holiday Shopping

This interview of me, in recognition of Small Business Saturday, and to illustrate one person behind a small business, is gratefully reprinted from MommyBlogExpert: Thanks to American Express for sponsoring my writing today about small businesses.  American Express is presenting Small Business Saturday, a way to honor the local merchants who are the backbone […]

Our Twitter Stream for Dummies

I’m excited to share that I am featured as a model Twitterer in the newly published book, Media Marketing All-in-1 for Dummies. (Or maybe as a model dummy?) Anyway, here is the screenshot from Amazon’s “search inside” feature, since I don’t have a hard copy of the book yet. It shows how I use […]

Survival of the Twittest

So they say Twitter can lead to business.  Anyone who leaps into Twitter hoping to market by blasting folks with the awesomeness of their junk is in for a surprise — whatever those smarmy marketing articles told you, it’s not true.

What Twitter is about building relationships. It’s like being […]