Who Loves Us?

The Power of Words

Words matter. My entry into graphic design actually followed a career in marketing and public relations writing, so I can’t turn off the “words matter” credo. The two — graphic design and copy writing — work together. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve emailed back to publishers with suggestions for ad copy […]

Take Stock of Your Business Cards

OK, I’ll admit it. I’ll come clean. I’ll come right out and say it. I am a paper snob. I found this out about me back when I took over the printed newsletter of the UCLA International Institute years ago. Responsible for design, editing and publishing, I started from the ground up and immediately set up an […]

Small Business Tip: GoogleVoice

I’m starting a new category here on the blog — business tips. I find I am so often sharing apps, ideas, websites and more with friends and colleagues, so why not blog them? So here’s my first… GoogleVoice. I started using GoogleVoice back when it was still under the name of its developers, GrandCentral, before Google […]

What Does 2013 Look Like to You?

So that Mayan fun is behind us and 2013 is a few hours away and I’ve been spending the past couple of relatively quiet weeks working on a plan for the coming year. Business plans… bleh!! A tough nut for any business, a special challenge for an independent business, and a nightmare for the creative-minded. I’ve always […]