Who Loves Us?

The Power of Words

Words matter. My entry into graphic design actually followed a career in marketing and public relations writing, so I can’t turn off the “words matter” credo. The two — graphic design and copy writing — work together. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve emailed back to publishers with suggestions for ad copy […]

A Rose is a Rose is an Ice Cream

Once again I helped set up and break down the fabulous Artisan Group display at an awards gift suite — this time honoring the Emmys! But this time, I’m not writing about that. No, I’m writing instead about what I did on the way home from setting up. You see, I thought I was […]

Kimchee for a Cause

Kimchee on Day 3

Back when I was in grad school many moons ago, some academically political thing happened to our department (as often does in academia.) I’ve long ago forgotten what it was all about but it caused a group of us East Asian Languages & Literature  grad students to get together […]