Who Loves Us?

Thanksgivikkuh. There, I said It.

Special occasions inspire special “observances” and one of these is a fabulous “21 Days of Thanksgivikkuh” give-away. […]

Fourth Annual Rotem Gear Chanukah Tee Giveaway!

It’s time for the 4th annual Rotem Gear Chanukah contest-tee giveaway!  In past years we’ve had latke-themed haiku, limericks and famous quotes (you’ll have to scroll down in that post to read them, but it’s worth it!). This year, I’m asking you to replace a word in the title of a famous book with “latkes” and be […]

PSA: Keep Calm and Eat Latkes

New in my Etsy shop for Chanukah and they are flying off the shelf at my in-person shows so fast I already have to make more to last the season!   The design is a riff off the classic UK WWII poster “Keep Calm and Carry On,” which has become something of viral meme […]

A Rose is a Rose is an Ice Cream

Once again I helped set up and break down the fabulous Artisan Group display at an awards gift suite — this time honoring the Emmys! But this time, I’m not writing about that. No, I’m writing instead about what I did on the way home from setting up. You see, I thought I was […]

Holiday Round-Up

As it’s the eighth day of Chanukah and Christmas is behind us, I’d best be posting my holiday update. From November to mid-December I was finishing up non-stop multiple client graphic design deadlines. Somehow, I managed to sail through the several holiday boutique events to which I’d committed. For the first time, I participated […]

Gushing Over This Beer

It isn’t every day one gets to go to a luxury hotel where the concierge is expecting you to pick up hand-crafted beer that has been personally delivered from half-way around the world, but I have that kind of glam life. OK, maybe not so much, but lucky, lucky me, I got to taste […]

Passover Aprons

Every Jewish mother (or father or uncle or bubbe) needs a Passover apron! And a pot full of monster matza balls!                           […]

A Frytful Mess

A wonderful photo from last year, courtesy of “Ima on the Bima”  Rabbi Phyllis Somer. She and her boss-rabbi were frying latkes for their shul’s Chanukah celebration wearing Rotem Gear aprons! I guess we know who did most of the work!

Latkes, Love & Light

I got this photo today from the happy winner of the Winner of the 2010 Rotem Gear Latke T-shirt Giveaway! Alice Langholt, Reiki Master and teacher, shows off her new tee here. By the way, Alice has a fascinating story about the relationship between her Reiki practice, spirituality and Judaism. You can read about […]

Announcing Our Haiku Winner!

Yes, we have a winner of the Chanuka Haiku Giveaway! If you haven’t read all the haiku, you’ve really got to — they’re all great, and you can see them here. That said, with all the excellent haiku that you sent in, I had to pick one. (I might have to stop doing these […]