Who Loves Us?

The Power of Words

Words matter. My entry into graphic design actually followed a career in marketing and public relations writing, so I can’t turn off the “words matter” credo. The two — graphic design and copy writing — work together. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve emailed back to publishers with suggestions for ad copy […]

Turtles, Super Heros, and Saving Lives

I recently designed this logo. It looks childish, I know. That’s actually on purpose, and a lot of thought and love went into it. I’ll explain.

This is a logo for an eight year old boy. A very special eight year old boy who I have never met in person but  whom […]

Social: Not a Dance Anymore

Last week, I was quoted in this article in the American Express OPEN Forum, where I tell how and why I started my business, and about the importance of social media for baby boomers starting their “second acts” of independent business As a matter of fact, thanks in part to social networking, my business card […]

Scarf + Necklace = Elegance

What a honor! A fellow designer not only loved my green agapanthus scarf, but also crafted a necklace to go with it! A extraordinarily talented illustrator and designer, Karyn Lewis  started creating jewelry in the past couple of years. When I heard what she was planning, I couldn’t wait to see what she was […]

Graphic Design: More Than a Pretty Face

Last week, I helped a friend who was deliberating over some new labels designs for his product. While he just asked me to use my designer’s eye to tell him which one I liked the best, I came up with some questions for him to ponder. I thought I’d share a few of these […]

I’m the Martha Stewart Doer of the Week!

This week I had the honor of being selected the Doer of the Week at Martha Stewart’s “Dreamers into Doers” website.  I talked about how and where I work, and how I got here, and what inspires my design approach. Above is only a snippet — but you can read the whole thing here. […]

Small Business Saturday 11/27 – Supporting Entreprenuers When Holiday Shopping

This interview of me, in recognition of Small Business Saturday, and to illustrate one person behind a small business, is gratefully reprinted from MommyBlogExpert: Thanks to American Express for sponsoring my writing today about small businesses.  American Express is presenting Small Business Saturday, a way to honor the local merchants who are the backbone […]

Part 3: How to Sell Offline – Must Haves and Must Dos

In Part Two I mentioned signage and branding, but your display can take this much further to attract customers and make them want to hang around. Here’s some food for thought to get your creative juices going. See if any of these work for you. (Did you miss Part 1? It’s here.)   Display […]

I’m Today’s Featured Artist at ImageKind

This was an unexpected but lovely thing to wake up to.  I am one of the Featured Artists of the Day at ImageKind!  ImageKind is a site for buying artwork by a huge range of artists, from  masters to small independent designers. I am sharing the spotlight with professional Canadian photographer Chris Gallow, whose […]

It’s New! It’s Fresh! It’s My Design Studio Website!

Not everyone who comes to the Rotem Gear shop knows that I am also a graphic designer beyond t-shirts and artisan scarves.  In fact, I have done freelance design work for universities and colleges, governments, media companies, architecture studios, and have the pleasure these days of doing ad design for the Edible Communities network […]