Who Loves Us?

What Does 2013 Look Like to You?

So that Mayan fun is behind us and 2013 is a few hours away and I’ve been spending the past couple of relatively quiet weeks working on a plan for the coming year. Business plans… bleh!! A tough nut for any business, a special challenge for an independent business, and a nightmare for the creative-minded. I’ve always […]

An Attitude for Latitude

Do you see this necklace being modeled by actress Alicia Lagano*? It’s hard to see there, so  here, take a closer look. This cool piece was on display at the GBK Productions 2012 MTV Movie Awards Celebrity Gift Lounge, as part of The Artisan Group’s exhibit. And now it’s mine. Mine! *Cue Cruella De […]

Kimchee for a Cause

Kimchee on Day 3

Back when I was in grad school many moons ago, some academically political thing happened to our department (as often does in academia.) I’ve long ago forgotten what it was all about but it caused a group of us East Asian Languages & Literature  grad students to get together […]

How to Sell Offline at Holiday Boutiques: Part 2

Part Two: OK, so you’re in! Now what? You’ve applied, you’ve been accepted and you are now ordering your shirts or ornaments or whatever. What else do you need? Read part two of the How to Sell Offline series. (Did you miss Part 1? It’s here.) 1. PR Get your own word out. […]

How to Sell Offline at Holiday Boutiques: Part 1

School may just be starting, but in the retail world the holiday season is upon us. If you’ve ever thought about vending at a street fair, farmers’ market or holiday boutique, read on! […]

Winner of the Three Wolf Moon Haiku

Yes, we have a winner Three Wolf Moon Haiku!  To those of you who submitted haiku, thank you all  — I hope you enjoyed composing them as much I did reading them.  All the entries were excellent, from evocative to hilarious, and it was hard to pick a winner.  So I dillied and I […]

A Gei Old Time

A little while ago I was tickled to see some Rotem Gear tops featured in a fashion blog from Spain.  When I popped over there in order to add them my blog list and looked around, I found that MundoChica is much more than a shopping blog; it’s plump with some fun looks at […]

Submit Your Three Wolf Moon Haiku

I am just as enamored as everyone else over the internet t-shirt sensation known as Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt.  The effect this t-shirt is having on people around the world is truly inspiring. (You can buy it here.) In that spirit, I want to invite  you to a share *your* own three-wolf-moon inspiration, and […]

One Day Only Sale!

$10 or $20 off — a great chance to snag one of our new organic tees, or maybe something to celebrate Spring,  or the return of  farmers markets, or for Passover!  But it’s one day only so don’t let it slip by .


$10 […]

We’re Livin’ La Vida Locavora

That’s right, we love supporting local food whenever possible and we’re celebrating with a new colorful, tropically-infused design. Fruits and vegetables practically pulsate in rhythm around the fun lettering “Livin’ La Vida Locavora.” And fun upon fun — only hours after we presented this design, it got featured on the Nifty Wares site.  Farmer […]