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The Trouble with Truffles

We had a long winter and it seems, nearly no spring and now summer is upon us… at least here in L.A. Anyhoo, that means doing something about winter-dry skin. My current weapon has long been coconut oil (I eat it, drink it in smoothies, slather it on and even brush teeth with it sometimes) but this year it’s also been my bar of Soapybliss Truffle Butter.

The trouble with truffles (like my little Trekkie reference there?) — the Truffle Butter is so emollient I recommend you have a shower mat in your tub! My skin feels and smells wonderful after. The only bad thing is that I don’t have any left. The photo shows Vanilla & Honey (the one I have) but there are others that sound just as divine. Lemon Honeysuckle? Peach Coconut? Didn’t I just say how much I love coconut? Swoon.

I received this as a gift but NOT in exchange for any kind of plug so you can take it on my own recognizance without strings attached. I just want to give props to the lovely lady who was generous enough to share it with me.  So. Much. Yum.

Vanilla & Honey Truffle Buffer

The Power of Words

Words matter. My entry into graphic design actually followed a career in marketing and public relations writing, so I can’t turn off the “words matter” credo. The two — graphic design and copy writing — work together. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve emailed back to publishers with suggestions for ad copy changes even though I am technically not responsible for that part of the ad. Happily, they consider that a good thing!

But back to “words matter.” Tonight I made a salad for dinner with a 5 ounce bag of greens I got from Trader Joe’s for 2.49. I am usually a savvy shopper, trying to get the most for less, but this time I wasn’t.


I could have gotten a slightly bigger bag of organic aruglua, 7 oz. for around the same price. I love arugula.

I could have gotten 6 ounces of organic baby spinach for 1.99, or 12 ounces of non-organic for 1.99.

I could have gotten the Organic Spring Mix — easily twice the size of the bag I bought, for 1.99.  Or the Tuscan kale for 2.29.  And so forth.

Yes, one of those is not organic, and another (the kale) is not something i enjoy uncooked. But that isn’t my point. My point is that I bought the one I had for dinner tonight mainly for one reason:

The label proclaims it “Power (to the) Greens.”  It is the second largest typeface on the bag. It is white, so it pops a bit more than “Greens.” “To the” is smaller and thin so what really stands out is “Power Greens,” but mostly, for me at least, “Power.” And that’s why I bought it. This is smart marketing.

Trader Joes, you had me at “Power.”



Turtles, Super Heros, and Saving Lives

I recently designed this logo. It looks childish, I know. That’s actually on purpose, and a lot of thought and love went into it.

I’ll explain.

lamed vav pattern sm

This is a logo for an eight year old boy. A very special eight year old boy who I have never met in person but  whom I feel I’ve gotten to know through his parents’ eyes and hearts the past year and a half.

I’ve been following Sam’s story since he first got sick with AML (leukemia) at age 6, on I knew his mom Phyllis from social media for a few years already. She and her husband Michael chose to share Sammy’s story with thousands of people across the globe — the ups, the downs, the chemo, the visits and letters from loved ones and famous ones, the precious visits home, the Angry Birds games and the walking laps around the hospital, the sword fights with nurses, and the importance of Mom’s macaroni and cheese. We––me and thousands of people who have been carrying him in their hearts and prayers––have gotten to know his kooky, clever sense of humor and of his love of turtles and other reptiles.

Over that time period Sammy’s gone through chemo, had remission, relapsed, had chemo again, and some 100 days ago had a bone marrow transplant that looked like it was going to go very well. It was the best news ever.

Heartbreakingly, the transplant did not take. The doctors say there is nothing more they can do.  While I stubbornly remain in denial, waiting for a miracle, his family does their utmost to live every day as a family, and as meaningfully and lovingly as they possibly can under these circumstances.

I am constantly amazed at his parents’ strength and grace, and how Sam’s mom, even now, is moving forward with the 36Rabbis Shave for the Brave project even though doctors say  there is nothing more they can do for her own son.  I marvel at her ability to care so deeply about others at a time of such struggle. I had designed a logo for “Superman Sam” back when he first got sick, and so when Phyllis asked me, via a mutual friend, if I’d be willing to design a logo for this “shavathon” project, I was immensely touched and honored.

Logo, 2012

There are esoteric meanings in the Hebrew letters and the “36” in the new logo — meanings that point to righteous people, good deeds, saving the world, and life. You can read more about those below.*

But ultimately, I designed this logo for Sam.

Sam loves turtles, super heroes and the colors green, blue and purple, and from the beginning I envisioned a turtle that also encompassed the shape of a heart, in addition to the more esoteric symbols. I wanted it to look like something an 8-year-old fan of super heroes might like. I made it for Sam.

Please consider supporting the 36Rabbis Shave for the Brave project by donating, joining a team, buying a t-shirt (link to come soon) and/or following the FaceBook page.



* The Talmud says that in every generation there are 36 righteous people who greet the Divine Presence. although no one knows who they are, not even the themselves. The two Hebrew letters for 36 are the lamed, which is equivalent to the number 30, and the vav, which is 6. Also, 36 is twice 18. In gematria (a form of Jewish numerology), the number 18 stands for “life”, because the Hebrew letters that spell chai, meaning “living”, add up to 18. In supporting the fight against childhood cancer, “36” stands for life.

Update December 14: With so much sadness, I’m sharing Phyllis’ blog post on Sammy’s passing early this morning after midnight. No parent should go through this. If the 36Rabbis project can prevent even one more child’s death from cancer it will be worth it.

Update December 26: T-shirts with this logo, to support the #36Rabbis effort, are now available. Choose from men’s, woemen’s relaxedkids’, or a nice warm hoodie at

Our Next Show — Montana Ave!

Q. What do Rotem Studio, Hollywood’s hippest stars and their trail of paparazzi have in common?

A. Shopping on Montana Ave!

This Saturday, come join us at Santa Monica’s best shopping spot for ONE DAY only — at the Roosevelt Elementary School Holiday Boutique. You won’t find this boutique’s treasures at any other time on Montana, so don’t miss out!

When: 9am-4pm

Where: 801 Montana Ave. Santa Monica CA 90403

If it’s raining, come on inside!

Thanksgivikkuh. There, I said It.

Unless you’ve been living in Antarctica, you probably already know that Chanukah is so early this year that it coincides with Thanksgiving, giving rise to the phenomenon popularly called “Thanksgivikkuh.” Special occasions like this inspire special “observances” and one of these is a fabulous “21 Days of Thanksgivikkuh” give-away sponsored by the that Hot Mamaleh and author, Lisa Alcalay Klug and Rotem Gear is part of it!

So what’s being given away in this awesome countdown to the double holiday?


Lisa says, “In honor of the five-year anniversary of my first book, Cool Jew and the rare event known as Thanksgivukkah, throughout this month of November/Kislev, we are giving away copies of Cool Jew together with Mama Doni’s “Ruach” CD and a ModernTribe $10 gift (toward $50 purchase).

Then, on Nov. 25th, just in time for Thanksgivukkah, one lucky winner will score a whopping prize package valued at more than $700, including copies of my books, Cool Jew and Hot Mamalah: The Ultimate Guide for Every Woman of the Tribe.. This grand prize also includes your choice of a pair of Keen Footwear and bag (valued at $300!) and an awesome Thanksgivukkah t-shirt and ModernTribe’s No Limit Texas Dreidl Game.

The winner also takes home Mama Doni’s new “Jewish Holiday Party” DVD/CD set and her “Get Cooking: A Jewish American Family Cookbook” written with Rachel Harkam. Two more CDs feature Sam Glaser’s “Rockin’ Chanukah Review” and “Soul Daughter,” the new collaboration from Neshama Carlebach and Josh Nelson.

Last but not least, there’s Alef Bet Judaica’s beautiful bling necklace, a Kiwi Crate DIY Hannukkah Crate, one-year subscription to Bitayavon Magazine, Rabbi’s Daughters Yiddish travel bag and Rotem Gear’s “Keep Calm and Eat Latkes” apron. For Jewfro fans, there’s even a bottle of Kosher Kurls. Top it all off with a t-shirt, umbrella and tour of Manhattan’s Hearst Tower, where I (ed note: that’s Lisa, not me) write each month as the Bargainista. (Sorry, travel to NYC is not included.) All you have to do is enter to win! No purchase necessary, for residents of the U.S. and Canada. All the other standard yahda yahda yahda stuff applies.

So, get clicking, enter to win and have a wonderful Thanksgivukkah, a very beautiful Festival of Lights and a joyous Thanksgiving.”

So go enter, because, frankly, if you’re thinking of waiting for a next time, it won’t be happening for another 70,000 years!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you, Manhattan Beach!

Despite hot temperatures and long days, we had a good time at the Manhattan Beach Hometown Fair. This 41 year tradition is a favorite among locals and vendors and many people come both days. I was fortunate to share a tent with Faith Marcus Designs, and we created a lovely and inviting environment together. Check out the photos of our booth!

Music, Food, Wine, Beach Weather and Us!

Looking for that perfect end-of the summer-get-your-last beach-fling-on event this weekend? Come to the 41st Manhattan Beach Hometown Fair!

Rotem LE will partner with Faith Marcus Designs to be part of this awesome Manhattan Beach tradition! Visit our booth #146 for gorgeous, classy and esoteric apparel and jewelry.

Then enjoy some great fair food, beautiful arts & crafts, free entertainment, beer and wine gardens, and Kids Country.

Saturday-Sunday; October 5-6, 10 am – 6 pm

Live Oak Park, Dorsey Field and the Joslyn Center Manhattan Beach, CA.  See map.

hamsa promo Chill



New Bamboo Tanks, Soft Scarves and Shimmery Glamor

I’ve often said my Rotem Limited Edition line will take you from yoga to shopping to party, and now I have something brand new for all you yoga aficionados!

Brand new in the shop and making their IRL debut at this weekend’s Manhattan Beach Hometown Fair (Oct 5-6), are bamboo blend ribbed tanks with my hamsa design. I was asked to bring back to hamsa design and I thought these would be the perfect canvas, in buff on either chocolate or licorice. The bamboo blend, made by Alo, wicks moisture, is anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic. Can’t make it to the fair this weekend? They are already available in the online shop.

hamsa tanks



Are your autumn skies soft gray and muted, or brilliant blue behind the golden and ruby changing leaves ? New scarves with pomegranate artwork reflect (and deflect!) the fall weather and will keep you stylishly cozy.



And more hamsa, this time shimmering and elegant, and so lovely for the holidays…

hamsa sneak peek


We’re Headed to Hollywood for an Emmys Celebration

We’re participating in the GBK celebrity gift lounge for the Primetime Emmys this year!

Rotem LE will be represented in gift bags given to celebs at the glamorous GBK Gift Lounge along with the über-talented members of The Artisan Group, and we’re couldn’t be prouder!

In honor of this occasion, I’m offering 20% off with promo code PEM13 (and lots of love!)


gbk emmy fb cover

On the way to Parenthood TV

Rotem Gear has been invited to send this baby tee to the stylist of Parenthood, for consideration on the show, and we’re so excited! We’re keeping our fingers and toes crossed that they will think it’s just perfect, and that maybe you will see our iconic Kitty X-bones design on this season’s newest Parenthood family member!

parenthood cover


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